Tuesday, January 23, 2018


morning I was at home waiting for some visitors to arrive, I had fabric out on the table, so I decided to cut some strips off before I had to put it away. I have to thank Robyn and Marina for motivating me, I have been a bit scared to cut into the fabric, they told me to just get on with it, so I did!!
I honestly do not know why I was dithering about with it!! The top part is cut and pinned ready to be appliqued

and the bottom strip and two strips cut for the sides! Easy!! It is really nice to be working with the  clamshells again. Tomorrow is sewing day!
I had to do some messages in Geelong today, so the morning visit was changed to afternoon and I picked up the visitors from Geelong and brought them home. They are friends from Auckland are they are on the cruise ship moored off Portarlington today. I brought them back here for a look at the house and a cool drink and then drove them back to the ship.
tourists at the end of the pier

Pat and Bryan heading for the tender

it was a perfect beach day at Port

the tenders take the Kiwis back to the ship

The view on my way home.
I think I might go and sew a little on the clam shells before dinner.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ladies who Lunch

Today the City Girls ventured out from the city and came for a visit, also Tracee and Marg came down from Gisborne. The  latter came via a 70% off sale at a craft store, where I heard they had a very enjoyable time!
We had lunch out on the back deck,, but then moved inside as the afternoon warmed up, then the air con went on as the day got even warmer! We had a great time, good lunch and lots of chatting and laughter. A little sewing was even done!!
I tried to set the camera up on a pot plant to take a photo but I think this is a fail!!

Anne and Robyn getting the fresh breeze out the front

Trying to get photos of sewing projects...under Elytes hand is a beautiful star

Tracee working on her quilt centre

Marg making tiny flowers

Anne joining her flowers together...all hand sewing here

a photo pause, love the time delay so we can all get in the photo!! They are  such a wonderful group of friends. I enjoy their company very much.

Marina showed us her beautiful quilt top....her farewell quilt from her previous job, Marina has changed a few blocks to make the quilt hers, you can see a bit about the quilt here.

Love the centre block, the pattern is Gossip in the Garden by Anni Downs. 

and a few more circles have been completed...I have run out of prepared circles so it is back to tracing and cutting for me.
Off to sit on the couch and have a cuppa time.
Happy sewing.

Friday, January 19, 2018


It has been very hot here the last few days, we were supposed to have had a cool change around 4pm this afternoon, the breeze did swing around to the south but the sun is still very hot! So what better to do on days like these but stay inside and sew!!
I worked on some of the book reading quilt blocks

Yesterday I got a row finished and today

the quilt top is finished...the blues were not supposed to line up like that, they were supposed to be random, but random and I do not seem to get along to well!!  

over the last few nights a few more circles have been finished.
Yesterday hubby told me he had fixed the broken oar and it would not break again....mmmm...
not much rowing activity happening here! The broom stick/oar handle broke just after I took this photo

that tiny speck in the distance is me having a swim!Lol!!
and relaxing under a shady tree

this afternoon I have been working on the Christmas swap blocks from the Bellarine Quilters, I had to trim some blocks down, and add strips to some to make them bigger (mine included)...now I need to figure out how to make little squares of colour for the sashings that go across the quilt, I am sure there is a name for them, I just can't remember it!! Better go look in a book!
On facebook a couple of days ago there was a zucchini recipe that had no flour so I thought I would give it a try, and typical of me, no recipe...it was a bit runny at first
but it cooked up ok, even hubby said it tasted surprisingly good!! Wow!!
It had a zucchini, eggs, garlic, lots of cheese, Italian herbs and I put in some spring onion, just 'cos I could!! Might try it again one day.
Hoping for a cooler day tomorrow.
I had better go and sort some dinner
Happy sewing

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


was supposed to be the day I cut more orange fabric and continued on with the book reading quilt, but you can see I got distracted! I have had this panel hanging about for weeks, so today I cut the strips and sewed them on and we have another book reading quilt top.

As the weather was so good the sheets etc plus the quilt off our bed got a wash and to hang in the sun today.

Hubby decided today was the  day for the big launch of the present he got me for Christmas....my own rowing boat...so we pumped it up...

carried it down to the beach and off we went

coordination is not so good

might be getting the hang of it, actually it is very peaceful just floating about!!

hubby went out for a turn, rowed and floated about

and then broke one oar..mmmmm.....he promises to fix it tomorrow! So i had a swim and sit in the sun instead.

Back home the washing needed to be brought in, the Supervisor came to "help" 

we have some plums on the tree but the birds have had the best feed as I wasn't here to put the net over the top.

I have had these strips of fabric on my sewing desk for months, they came off another project, I thought they might be good for the little stars, so today stuck on the templates and cut some out, have more to do while watching tv tonight.
I had better go and rescue the pasta for dinner!
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


has been a busy day, lots of emails to catch up on, still sorting Mums stuff, had to get the St Johns emergency alarm payments refunded and also trying to stop a direct payment to another charity...not easy from over here. We had a trip into Geelong this afternoon and the day was nearly over!!! I did get a little sewing done...now dinner is late...but such is life!!
I was given these goodies by Jenny when we were in NZ, a beautiful tin and some fat quarters.

and when we got home these gifts were in the mail from Donna, lovely NZ themed fat quarters and a notebook with a pukeko.....Christmas continues on! Yay!!

I took the cover off this diary bought on special to make a junk journal, now I have decided to make a cover as I want to use the diary!! Contrary me!!

but inbetween while waiting for glue to dry I did a little more stitching on the fabric from the class I did thru Guild with Caroline Sharkey

Also from Donna was a cute elf, love that hat!!!

the family is growing!!

here is the diary once I had glued on wadding and covered it with fabric, the spine edges are a bit wonky but I am happy with it.

Inside front cover

inside back cover.
Happy sewing.

Monday, January 15, 2018

A little sewing

I had a little time on Saturday to get to the sewing machine and have nearly finished three rows on the book reading quilt
I hope to get some more done tomorrow.
I did some circle sewing while in NZ, but got the most done in Auckland airport and on the plane
very elegant airport sewing position!!

Now I have another 54 circles to add to the collection.
I found some photos I had taken in NZ, from when I had a walk after dinner
down the end of Woods Avenue, the tide was way out, here Mount Maunganui is in the distance

and I wandered along the waterfront and thru Ferguson Park and saw a little of the sunset

the back through the primary school I went to many moons ago, loved this heron mosaic

and the bollards

I liked this sign, I hope the students are encouraged to read it.

another heron at the front gate...my parents house is four houses down the road. Kind of a fitting sign for our time there coming to a close.
I had better be off and sort some dinner, it is that time of day once again.
Happy sewing.