Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday already

This week has flown past, I was up in Gisborne Wednesday for hairdressing and also took a friend up to see some of her friends...they have known each other for 30 years so enjoyed a good catch up.
Yesterday I had some happy mail
Unfortunately blogger has decided to put it sideways, but they are 5 minute and 10 minute blocks I am going to have a go at making.
Also in the latest Down Under quilts magazing there is an article about the last Guild Quilt In
It is great to see the article, lots of names I know on the hexie quilt, but also my rotation block, #16 at the top of the page, pretty exciting for me!! Lol!!
I have been painting the Christmas swap blocks
Two to finish off and then the quilting begins.
The past President of the guild asked the committee to make her a block for a quilt to remember her years as President, the theme was the poem I love a Sunburnt Country
Again this is sideways I am sorry, I have painted and quilted the block, I hope Margaret likes it.
The dolls coverlet and the doorway are completed and ready to go to Guild tomorrow.
I had better get organised and take the supervisor for a walk, the whinging is getting louder!!
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Today I have been over to Seachange for sit and sew, I managed to get two stars made
EPP is such a great take and go project. I am linking up with Anthea over at Hibiscus Stitches for her EPP link up.

After sewing I had a walk along the beach at Ocean Grove, the water was freezing, but people were in swimming, it was such a beautiful day. A paddle was enough for me!
Happy sewing.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Home again

The internet stopped working for me yesterday at the campground so no blog updating happened. But I had a good morning out and about, I wanted to find a few caches so was dropped off near the market and then walked along the path around Lake Burley Griffin, to the National Art Gallery. I was aiming for the sculpture garden
On the way I could hear a Christmas carol playing at the Corrilion, over and over and over again!!!  Shame they didn't have more than one song playing.
I found the sculpture garden and had a look around and found the cache I was looking for

Luckily this was a big one and marked with some pieces of wood to help the cacher like me!!

More sculptures 

These heads in the pond gave me a start

This sculpture is on the top of a drum used in the Tiwi Islands, one of my favourites 
Maybe this one dropped in from space

I just happened to glance up and see this hanging outside the Gallery

Walking around for another cache I came across one of my favourite views in Canberra 

The I went past the old Parliament House, I walked thru the rose gardens, the perfume in the air was beautiful.
We drove home today and all went well until we got just past Seymour on the Hume Highway, there was road works up ahead and the queue went forever. Several classic cars were on the side of the road, hoods up, letting the engines cool, obviously the slow queuing was not good for them.  
I got a lot of knitting done in the car today,  the head, body, two ears and a foot for a little rabbit.

Three more little stars have been added to the collection too, they were made yesterday evening.
Happy to be back home again and to hear the waves on the beach below.
Happy sewing.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

On the road again

Yesterday we drove from home to Canberra..I have to say I was happy to get out of the car when we got here!! I did get some knitting done on the way and finished a star last night
Part of a beanie under way
We saw these beautiful cars at a petrol station

Love this one!

And followed some up the freeway.

We stopped at the Dog on the Tucker Box at Gundagai lots of people were having their photo taken by the dog, so I went for the koala instead!! Got to have a tourist photo now and then. We did stop for lunch at a truck stop with a cache, the cache was called Gravel Rash and was aptly named as I have the gravel rash on my fingers and elbow after sliding back down the incline from the cache site, it was like walking on marbles!! But we found the cache so all is good. All fixed with antiseptic cream and a plaster.
Today I have done some painting on the Christmas blocks
Two snowmen nearly done

I have been down the road to the show, no craft sadly but lots of horses and sideshows and these weight lifters, they could sure lift some heavy weights, men and women.

I got back to the camping ground just as a storm was coming by, lots of thunder and lightening and some rain...good to stay inside and do some more painting!!
Happy sewing.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Catching up...super photo heavy

Saturday Eve and I headed off to find garage sales and on out way found the local market was on, so diverted there first. We ended up finding 6 garage sales and then a school fete in Geelong, I was a bit tired by the time we got back home around 4pm!!

Sunday afternoon we went for a look at the local lagoon, to see what kinds of birds Eve could spot

we found geese and seagulls

and this unusual large duck that was not at all bothered we were getting up close and personal.

we stopped out at Swan Bay to look at the birds but there was a freezing wind blowing in from the water so we headed off to Van Loons nursery for coffee and a cake! 

Monday I got the Aussie hero quilt boxed up ready to post

I tried some writing in the quilting!

After going to sewing group at Port we headed off to Queenscliff and had a look at the op shops and antique shops, this church had a book sale on, so Eve was looking at the books while I looked at the beautiful windows.

There was choral music playing and the room felt so peaceful.

Wednesday morning I took the Supervisor for a walk, it was a bit of a dull morning.
Today was better

no tree went unchecked....or watered!!

lots of people were out fishing

the beach was very peaceful and I found some wonderful beach glass.
Back home I cut most of the finished flower heads off the echium

and came inside looking like a beetroot!!

Later I packed yp the 12 Days of Christmas swap presents, they are all ready to go, 

sewed up the gap in the dolls coverlet and tried out some tying quilting...not sure if that is the correct thing to call it! Just the label to do now

I headed off down the garden to bring in the washing, the Supervisor had to decide did he come along or did he stay on the back deck!! He has arthritis in his legs so while moving around is good for him, he does find the stairs challenging some days!

the nearly pruned echium, the green waste bin is stuffed full so the last few heads can go next time, I did get in the way of some bees having a look at the last few blue flowers, hopefully there is food there for them.

It was beautiful sitting down the back yard until the mosquito found me and moved me along!

The Supervisor supervised!

and watched me get the washing off the line...someone has to make sure it is done properly I guess.

Later on I am hoping to cut some more star shapes out of this fabric.
We are off to Canberra tomorrow, hubby has a war gaming thingie on and I am helping with the driving. Have taken lots of sewing and shortage of things I can do.
Happy sewing.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


We went to the Mill Markets on the Geelong Queenscliff Road, this has always been a good source of postcards for Eve
Eve was in here for 5 hours, I had a walk up the road to the supermarket to get veges, then had a wander around, Eve  found many postcards so she was very happy, she even found a rare Boronia card, which is her neighbourhood.

this teddy came home with me, he has such a cute face! He will live in the sewing room now.
I made a few hexies from scraps while sitting in the car and continued on  last night as it was FNWF,  

I made several more hexies last night. Thank you  Cheryll for being a wonderful host.
You can pop over to Cheryll's blog to see what the other FNWF'ers got up to.
Eve and I are off garage sale searching this morning and then on to Geelong for the waterfront market and then, if the energy lasts that long, there is a fete at a school in Geelong. I think tomorrow might be a sleep in day!
Happy sewing.