Saturday, March 17, 2018

Workshop Day 1

Today I have been ove to Heights Sewing Centre in Werribee to participate in a class with Sue de Vanny and what a day we have had!! We did some tracing, snipping of fabric and gluing of fabric, the final result this afternoon leaves us ready to stitch tomorrow.
The shapes are traced onto the backing fabric and fabric is being added..

I was advised to cut larger pieces, but found it very hard to do!!

making some progress

Tracee working away, in a more organised method than me!!

a splat of fabric!!

Yetty working away on her slice

nearly there

Tracee's slice progress

not a lot of chat was happening, everyone was too busy working away

My slice trimmed from its backing

and now pinned to the background fabric ready for sewing tomorrow

Tracee's slice
Yetty's slice ready to sew tomorrow.
Another early start  in the morning, and another fun learning day ahead.
Happy sewing.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Seachange Quilters

are having their annual Quilt show this weekend, so it was all hand on deck this morning to receive and hang the quilts..I did sneak a few photos, usually with this group you are not allowed to take photos and put them on social media, but if I do not identify anyone I hope it will be ok.
The ladies were busy putting up the labels and artists statements

a section of Jen Kingwell quilts, some members had a challenge, they look amazing

there are lots of beautiful quilts

something like 75 or 78 in total, traditional, modern and art quilts, the exhibition is well worth a look and only costs $2.00 to get in. 

I have made the circles for the next stage of the Doing the Rounds quilt, just need to sew on the backing fabric.
Tomorrow I am off to a class at Heights in Werribee, a class called Citrus Slice, so that will be interesting.
Happy sewing

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Busy day

I am wondering if chatting on the phone for an hour constitutes a busy day?? It feels like it when I notice the time is nearly 5pm and I an wondering what I have done today! I had morning tea with some lovely ladies over at Van Loons nursery, they have a wonderful nursery and great cafe...I have the gf cheescake for later in the fridge!! After that I went over to Portarlington and quilted a quilt for the book reading group, I had some problems with the tension again, but no unpicking thank goodness.
I had planned to trim and bind this afternoon, but we all know what happens to the best laid plans!!
I have also finished another three little hexies for the Doing the Rounds quilt
I am linking up with Anthea over at Hibiscus stitches to celebrate all things EPP 

I think I am nearly ready to add them all to their background...I need to get a move on as the next months BOM will be here before I know it!
After sewing at St Leonards yesterday I rode my bike homewards in a round about direction and found two new was about a 4km ride...this road was bumpy but no cars which was wonderful!
I had better go and get some trimming done.
Happy sewing.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Happy and productive day

Yesterday I drove up to Gisborne to spend the day with the lovely Gisborne Girls, Marg, Tracee and  Donna , Donna hosted us in her Owlery
We had talked about making a convergence quilt together for over a year, Donna even sent out instructions, today the stars were aligned and we met up.. 
The table is set up, Donna has the air con on, we are ready to go.
I forgot to take photos of the first couple of steps

but here are my strips joined, cut and now sewn back together.

Donna part way on the first re sewing

some of Tracees strips, love the colours here
Donnas work at lunch break



Then we read the next part of the pattern...and so we did!! Not the chocolate cake, but lunch made by Donna, which was wonderful.
We carried on after lunch, I have to say cutting into the joined sections was scary, but I got myself together and off we went, slicing, repositioning and sewing, and we finished up the day with these

It is interesting how the quilt tops come out, so hard to imagine when you start out with four squares of fabric,

Happy day, happy people.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunshine Saturday

Thie photo is from Friday, I was lucky to be invited to celebrate Jan's 70th birthday, we had a wonderful lunch..the cake was Black Forest looked sensational.

I spent a few hours down at the beach yesterday, it was warm, there was a bit of a breeze and even though the tide was way out, there was enough water to cool off now and then.

Yesterday morning I sewed the binding onto three quilts, now to wait for a cooler day to get the hand sewing done.

I worked away at the beach and at home last night on this hexie, only to find I am one short...did I lose it somewhere or not count straight when I was cutting out???
I am off to Gisborne this morning for a sewing day with the lovely ladies there.
Happy stitching.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Back home again

Hopefully we are settled here now and not needing to zip across the Tasman again any time soon. Mum's house is empty, clean and now has new owners and occupiers. They are a young couple and I hope they will be very happy at 129B.
I managed to pick up a cold on the last trip and still have the wooly brain and lethargy, hence not a lot has happened here this week. I have been working away on the little hexies and am half way, I need to get a zip along as March is fast zipping away.
I am happy with these hexies, only a couple of wobbles with the fussy cutting and so far only two lots of unsewing!
While in Tauranga hubby worked and worked and then went on strike!!

He chose a good place!!

and didn't want to move

Charles the neighbour offered commiserations!! Charles was great, he emptied out the compost bin for us while we filled the skip. It was sad to throw some things out, but some things were old and no one wanted then, so out they went. We had one day until settlement at this stage, so throw out was the  only option.

I found these flowers in Mum's garden, no idea what they are

but they are stunning flowers that come from a pretty ordinary bulb.

I think this is a kind of orchid which grows like a weed there.

the last two nights we stayed with the beds left next door!

They had swan plants in their garden, but no caterpillars, so I went out for a look and found four munching away.

I hope the paper wasps stay away and they get to be butterflies. I spent hours in the garden as a kid watching these caterpillars eat and grow, change into a chrysalis and then a butterfly.
Today is a day of NO paperwork (I hope) so I hope to reintroduce myself to the sewing machine and soon I am for for a 70th birthday lunch.
Happy sewing.