Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Sees me over at Barwon Heads for sit and sew with the Seachange Quilters, today I did three more rows on the side of the clamshell quilt top
and this afternoon after sitting in the sun and reading for a while, I did some unsewing and re sewing on the Christmas row by row quilt.
I keep changing my mind whether I like it or not, but now it is as it is!!!
Tomorrow I hope to add a border, so long as it isn't to much of a sunny tempting  to be outside day!!
Happy sewing.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A finish and a bit more!

I have finished the stitching on Michelle's Christmas animals, they are waiting to be trimmed now

these are great designs, perfect for sending overseas

and I have started to add to the side of the clamshells, I am hoping it will look a bit better balanced. it is interesting how the dark colours stand out in the photo.
I am off to trim the stitcheries
Happy sewing.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bloggers catch up...super photo heavy!!

I am in a Christmas postcard swap, organised by Sheila, my card is off in the mail to Canada..so only a tiny look until it arrives to preserve the surprise!!

Kim made me a beautiful cushion for my birthday, thank you Kim, it is beautiful!! 

Jasmine found the best place to sit on Shez's birthday quilt....yes we moved her off!!

Marg had the Christmas tree up and the swap gifts went underneath...our booking at the local quilt shop was mixed up so Marg stepped up and invited us all to her place.

some lovely Xmas goodies I was given from the girls

let the fun begin!!

and it did!! Lots of laughter and chatting, not a lot of stitching happened today!!

Anne (aka Nancy) with her swap from Marg, how cute is that snowman!

Shez's swap from Lyn

Marg with her swap from Kim

Kim with her swap from...........sadly I do not remember this one!

I missed the first photo opportunity but fun was happening over here as Tracee unwrapped

and a beautiful swap from Anne

Mmmmm what is Tracee up to, these two like to wrap themselves in ribbon!!


No two beautiful stitched decorations,,,again I do not remember who from, hopefully someone will tell me.

Anne with her swap from Anne!! Boy all these Anne's get confusing!!

Jo with the swap from Elyte, beautiful tree bunting!

Barb with her swap present
Anne with her swap from Annie

swaps laid out for a photo, lots of beautiful things...the swap theme was a Christmas decoration...love how everyone comes up with a different idea.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful day, great food and company...roll on the next one.
Marg showed us this beautiful gum nut baby doll she had found for her soon to be here grand daughter..isn't it beautiful!!
Happy sewing

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I have been to the Seachange group over at Barwon Heads, I did a little stitching and chatted to a lady who has had a Parkinsons diagnosis, we were comparing what she is going through with what hubby has been through and what we saw on the Four Corners programme last night. Not the most uplifting of conversations, but better to be talking about it than dwelling, and if I can provide and ear then all is good!!  I managed to get some stitching done on Michelle's  Aussie decorations today..
I need to check the pattern as I think something is missing from baby Roo, half an ear maybe?

I made a start on the owl...

the clamshells are coming along well, I am in the process of joining two rows on the bottom and another near the middle, I think this is probably long enough, I have clamshells over so might now add some on the sides, will have to think on that. The poor clamshells are very creased from being folded and unfolded and in and out of bags!

this afternoon I put the fruit together for a Christmas cake, I found a gluten free recipe so am giving it a go...the fruit mix is soaking in brandy tonight!!
While looking for a comment son # 2 (Shane) made on face book I stumbled across these photos, stills from a short movie he was in recently.

Love them and want to keep them.

He had great fun making this movie, acting is something he wants to pursue. One for the memory book!!
I had better go and sort some dinner!!
Happy sewing.

Monday, November 21, 2016


today I have been over at Port Arlington at the Bellarine Quilters sewing day, we had some great show and tell

Angela's quilt top she made on retreat, Kissing Fish

Linda's beautiful quilt

Sue's Xmas sack

Judy's split four patch, love the blobs of colour

Lorraine's table runner

Di's table runner

Di's quilt not long back from the quilters
so it is now 6 oclock ish and  the weather has finally changed and the rain is here!!

some cool weather again!! Never happy with the weather!!
Off to cook dinner.


was Guild day, and show and tell was "something made from a book or magazine" which brought lots of quilts in. Both sides of the hall were full. There was much inspirational to be seen. I didn't get photos of them all but just a few near me
Carol Bosna made this for her mother, her mother returned it three days later saying she didn't like it!!!! Oh dear!! Such a beautiful quilt

Love this fish quilt

One for you Fiona, but done on the machine not hand sewn!!! This is what we can look forward to with yours!!
The speaker for the day was Michelle Yeo.....Michelle had brought along many bags of quilts, I only took a few photos, but they were all spectacular!! I do not know how she manages to produce so many!!
most of these are hand pieced, sometimes also incorporating foundation piecing and applique

the pile of quilts half way through

Amazing huh!!! She is one clever lady.
No committee meeting this afternoon so I get to have an early finish!!
Happy sewing.