Friday, August 18, 2017

Yesterday and today

Yesterday the Supervisor and I went for a walk along the beach
it was a bit cloudy but good for walking

the tide was high,
we came back thru a new bush track

and found some fungi

a wattle tree in bloom

and more fungi growing from a tree branch under the ground.
Last night I finished the quilt for the Guild
just the label to sew on

and the quilting on the bear quilt is finished too, the binding on, just the hand sewing to do.
Today I have made another two churn dash blocks, I made a few blunders and had to bin one and start again
I was very happy to finish these two and then realised I had used two different reds in the one on the left!! Aghhhhh!!! Might just keep it and see how I go in the future. 

Poor sad mistakes that are heading for the bin!!
Seems to be the case today!!
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wild and windy day

Today I wandered off to Torquay to visit the new quilt shop there,
this shop has been open about a month I think, and work is still under way.
A cafe is being built in the left corner (out of the view here) and there was a strong smell of paint, but there was loads to look at and enjoy, you can't see the colours here, but there are colours everywhere.
of course I couldn't come out empty handed
I bought this beautiful book, I bought a book by this same author about 4 years ago in the UK, the books are lovely just to look at and enjoy the illustrations. I do hope to make something out of here one day!!

this pattern and fabric also came home with me!
I went to a cafe near the beach and got a cuppa, was too windy to enjoy it outside, but was good to see people and dogs on the beach having a walk.

Back home now this fabric has been calling to me, I found it in the bottom of a bag a few days ago, I have been doing my best to ignore it, but think I may just go and give it some attention!!
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A quilting we go

Today I have been over to Barwon Heads to the Seachange sit and sew and managed to get the charity quilt for the Guild quilted. It was not without hiccups, the machine was not threaded properly so we got some interesting loops underneath, there was a lot of fluff in the bobbin case which made life interesting for a while, but we are learning as we go.  This afternoon I trimmed and put on the binding, I decided to use the left over backing material as it is nice and bright.
Here you can see the quilting pattern we used.

And here the border.
Last night I finished the binding and tidied up the threads from the quilting
And made another churn dash block
And now it is time to sort something for dinner!!
Happy sewing.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pleasant visit

Today we had a visit from an old neighbour, we lived next door to this lovely lady and her family for 8 years and she got me to hospital when I went into labour with number 1 son and couldn't get in touch with hubby, so she is very special to me.
we had a very happy few hours having lunch and a natter, catching up on life over the last few years

and had to have the catch up photos!!
I managed one foundation pieced block this afternoon before dinner duties called

one block down, many more to go for the Bellarine Row by Row quilt. Might get some more done tomorrow.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This and that

This week I have been working on a charity quilt for the Geelong Guild. At the last quilt in there was a challenge to make a 12 inch block with the theme Rotation. The charity the Guild was supporting was We All Rotate. The blocks were mostly the same size, some needed a bit of alteration
all done and ready for quiting

the backing is ready too

Supervisor was on the job last night

I made two more funny houses

put the binding onto a charity quilt

The Spidey man quilt finally got it's binding too

I have readied some papers for foundation piecing.
Might go and sew some fabric onto them!
Happy sewing.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Angkor Wat

This is our last outing of the tour, them main and biggest temple at the complex Angkor Wat. This is the heaviest temple in the 240 acre complex and it is necessary to keep the water in the moat around it, to keep the ground stable and support the weight of the temple. if the water goes down too far the temple will sink. Kind of scary to think about.

side entrance to the complex

one of the old libraries

the reflection pool and tourist

entering the side gate

a few monks were present

these steps have been closed to tourists as a few too many people took a fall on them, new wooded steps have been built around the back

from the third story looking out, just as the rain came

a few statues remain inside, most have been stolen over the years

the main Buddha statue

heading back out the main walkway that takes you to the Royal entrance

we were going to wait 40 mins for sunset, but everyone on our bus was hot and sweaty and tired, so we headed back to the hotel, the others who stayed reported later the sunset didn't happen.
That evening we had a final dinner at the hotel and some Aspara dancing
dancing with coconuts

a traditional dance

the costumes for this dance were beautiful

the final bow

love the faces....
this was our last evening in Siem Reap, unfortunately hubby missed this as he got a bug and then bronchitis. No fun flying home for him!!
Bye for now.