Friday, October 21, 2016

I have been

on a quilting retreat up at Woodend
this was the house we stayed in, it used to be on the edge of the township, well it still is but the town has grown and the paddocks down the road are now being built on.
Every one was  very busy
Magda had her finished blocks up on the wall

Sue and Barb working away

getting the placement of the blocks sorted.....
Carleen has remade this quilt and over the first couple of days on retreat got to this stage

then the placement of the next border was worked out, this border will hang over the side of the bed so the heads had to be the right way up

I was working away on the Celestial Stars blocks....

there are some seams not quite right but there were many seams to match and after several unpicks they were as they were!!

by Tuesday I had had enough of foundation piecing!!!
so I continued working on the snowball and nine patch blocks...yep more seams to match up!!!! And yes I was unsewing, I managed to sew the squares on the wrong way!!!

but I eventually got them done and the side pieces

here are all the pieces n the wall along side  a quilt top Judy put together in a that pattern, Judy's that is.
Barb finished her beautiful foundation pieced quilt using scraps, there is another border to go on I think
Sue has had her quilt quilted and trimmed it all ready for binding...this quilt was her first, she was told it was an easy first quilt to do,it didn't prove to be so and has taken a long time to get finished.
My quilt top is all together ready for the borders.
Tracey has been working away on these blocks, they take two pieces from a layer cake, a plain and a coloured, sewn together and then cut re arranged and resewn...this is from the Missouri Star company, we had a look at the tutorial on line...the look of the quilt top changes depending on how you arrange them

this way gives a different look.
I had a great time away, wonderful company, lots of laughs and some sewing. It was wonderful to have a visit from Tracee, Margaret and Donna, we had a good dinner and evening at one of the local pubs.
Back home today I have begun work on an Aussie Hero quilt
for some reason blogger wants this photo to go sideways....this is as far as I have managed to get today......had better get back and try to work out what goes in the gaps. I was very lucky as Glenn Robbins has signed the blocks for this quilt, the recipient asked for a quilt featuring Russell Coight a charachter played by Glenn Robbins in his show Great Aussie Adventures.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy days

Yesterday was Guild day in Geelong, we had a good meeting and enjoyed the speaker, who told us all about valuing quilts. Theme for quilts for show and tell was Something unusual you have made, I only got a couple of photos
margaret brought along a challenge quilt she had made.."The Blues"

this was done by Lisa at a class she went to, I don't remember the teacher sadly.
lots of little pieces here!!
Well next Saturday is my birthday and it is a big one, yep 60 looms on the horizon!!
My very wonderful friends gave me some beautiful presents yesterday

this was from Tracee...a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and it smelled beautiful!!

the flowers are made form fabric...all batik and all purple!! I had to defend it from several people during the day, it was much admired! Thank you very much Tracee. I love it!!

Donna gave me these beautiful plates, hand made and hand painted

and this beautiful container that can be a money box and inside is

this cute cup!! Love the big eyes!! Doesn't it make you smile!! Thank you very much Donna.

And this beauty was made by Margaret....her specialty over night bag, this will be going on retreat with me this week for sure!! I love the colours

and the pockets! Thank you very much Marg. Love these Gisborne Girls, they are the best!

Last week I received a wonderful house moving/birthday present from Jacquie, a blogging buddy I met when we went to the UK last year. A beautiful card made by Hannah her very clever daughter. So many goodies here, wonderful teas, all herbal!! Beautiful fabrics, and a book by  Yoko Saito which could be a challenge for next year!! Thank you very much Jacquie.
I am feeling very special!! 
I am off to a retreat tomorrow so had better go and prepare things to take!
Happy sewing.

Friday, October 14, 2016


My hexie quilt has been quilted by Leeanne of Quiltmekiwi...she sent me some teaser photos today.
The quilt is going to be sent to Jenny in Auckland and then she will bring it over in December...that feels like a long time to wait at the moment!!
love the quilting in the flowers and how the single row of hexies pop

and the fern swirlies on the black fabric

isn't that beautiful??
Thank you very much Leeanne can not wait to see it in real life!!
Happy sewing.


I spent the day at the Geelong Agricultural Show, the Guild had a stand there to promote quilting, on my way in I had a quick look at the horses

some beautiful animals here

so beautifully presented

not my idea of fun here!!
I went for a morning walk to have a look at the Pavilion next door which had quilting and other sewing, cooking, knitting and crochet...there were other crafts too...loved the Over 75 knitting section!!
one amazing hand made quilt

this quilt won a first prize

this one was made with fabric bought while on holiday in NZ, I think I have seen this at Guild.

Love this detailed lady, I have one awaiting attention here!! She is purple though.

two very different quilts

how is this for an amazing decorated cake??

and this..

this was my favourite!! Love it!

this quilt had won many awards

and here is the Geelong Patchwork and Quilting Guild stand, we have a raffle for the blue and yellow quilt on the left but otherwise just talk to interested people and stitch!!
Yesterday was fairly quiet but I had a good day and even got some clam shell stitching done.
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Time away

I have spent the last three days visiting Eve who lives in Melbourne, she is out to the east in Boronia. I drove over on Sunday, the windiest day I could have chosen, the car was being blown all over the road. I arrived ok, and we had a great afternoon of chatting and catching up. The next morning I took her dog Basil the Jug ( Pug x Jack Russell) for a walk and we got caught in a really heavy rain shower.Yesterday we explored a new antique/craft shop and then took Eve out for lunch as it was her 81st birthday. In the evenings we watched dvd's and I did a little stitching
these rows of clamshells are all sewn down, ready to be joined to others

sleepy wombat is finished..this is a Michelle Ridgway's pattern

kookaburra is bring the decorations

and Mum possum is just started.

As I was taking the photos I  noticed this yacht working it's way down the was lurching up and down in the waves, not my idea of fun!! Would be a fast trip towards Melbourne but a very slow one coming back!!
I am off now to glue some clamshells ready to sew tomorrow, I am helping out with the Guild display table at the Geelong Agricultural Show. Hopefully I get to have a look around too.
Happy sewing.