Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bloggers catch up

Hubby and I have had a busy few days, we have been to Gisborne, then to Blackburn for a 60th birthday now we are at the airport waiting to go to NZ.
Yesterday was sewing day at Patch'n'Quilt in Gisborne, we had a wonderful day, lots of fun and laughter and chatting and even a little stitching.
Margs beautiful quilt she is making...more  orders to be added

Ann and Anne is serious conversation..

Tracee working away on her triangles
busy group of ladies
Tracee's triangles, the are amazing colours and really pop off the gray background


Anne's stars made from scraps...some lovely colours happening here

Margs sampler blocks, love the colours she has chosen here
Marina's beautiful Baltimor quilt

a beautiful quilt made for Elyte by her friends for her special birthday...some lovely girly colours!!
Am running out of time here so will show the swap photos next time I get internet access.
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Big catch up....Photo heavy sorry!!

 Lots to show you today....
One of the quilts for show and tell on Saturday at the guild meeting...quilted with little clamshells, Anna has done about two thirds of the quilting.

I was given some lemons and found some passionfruit at the green grocer in Ocean Grove so made some lemon and passionfruit butter....hubby's verdict, "I guess it is ok!!" He might wear it one day!! Lol!!
I have begun working on another Aussie hero quilt, silly I know but couldn't help myself....
the request is for Queensland rain forest and boots....a bit hard as I do not know the Old rain forest, but not to worry, we wont let that hold us back!!

a cockatoo and a musk parrot...they need some detail on them

some butterflies and dragon flies

some ferny leafy things

the boots, they need some more stitching on them too and some laces,

this is how far along I am...Jill gave me a  1600 quilt so am using that for the base. Need lots more vegetation I think

I had to take a photo of this, it made me the listening device in the All Blacks rooms last weekend...

and I forgot earlier photos but was back at the long arm quilter at Seachange with Pat and Valda today and we quilted this I Spy quilt...all ready for when I get to the binding, we used a yacht pattern, you can kind of see it along the blue fabric..I called into Bluff Road on the way home, hubby has been busy placing rugs

in the lounge area

by the front windows

last I saw him he was up the back digging over the vege garden...

I have put stuff away in the sewing room not that you can tell, I am waiting on a book case to empty some of the boxes. My excuse and I am sticking to it!!! 
Suppose I had better go and do something, my choice is  more boxes to pack or tracing out some more contest clamshells win hands down!!!!
Happy sewing.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Busy day

today, I have been packing and unpacking and finding places for things to go in the new sewing room
only just beginning, there is a long way to go.....
view from the dining table, there is a new path and set of steps over the road from us, so we have excellent access to the park and  beach now

the ducks have waddled over to look out the window

back garden, I fogot to take a closer photo but Ethel is settled in on the left hand side

and for you Ondrea, my get on with it reminder person, the clamshells joined together so far

the next lot tops turned over ready to be glued in rows

and fabric ready to have the shape traced on and cut out. This will be my thing to do when we are visiting my mother in NZ in a couple of weeks. Hope to do some on the plane too if they let me take the needle on board!! 
Off to sort some more boxes!
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


it was sewing at St Leonards....
Jill has been busy with  the border on her beautiful quilt

and her clamshells are finished just the border to go on 

Linda has finished this quilt for her grandson..front

and back. 
Wonderful productive ladies.
Happy sewing, I am of to pack books in boxes!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I have had

a lovely start to the week, yesterday was sewing at Port Arlington...I pinned the side hexies onto the border of the hexie quilt and have one part nearly sewn on...pretty exciting!!!
Barbara was working on her Japanese quilt putting on the borders
barb has some great fabrics in this quilt

Sue was working on some cathedral windows, love the fabrics in these, there was lots of other things happening but I didn't get any photos.
Today I have been to Seachange quilters over at Barwon Heads and had some wonderful help quilting the Minions quilt. The Three Musketeers, Pat, Heather and  Valma  have also just learned to use the machine so they were happy to have another go.
We had everything happen to us today that I think could have happened, we made a mistake and had to unpick, (groan!!) then the needle fell off...that was scary!!.....the bobbin ran out mid run about lots of learning experiences!!!
But we got it done and I am very happy with it!

the Three Musketeers ready to go

the pattern we are using

at the controls!!!

Who is in charge here???Lol!! Pat was a huge help to me today.

trying to look like I know what I am doing!!
the quilted, trimmed quilt...ready for the binding! Love the pattern.
A very productive happy day.
Happy sewing.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Here and there

We have had a busy time the last few days and not a lot of sewing has happened. We had settlement on the new (to us) house on Friday, so on Saturday morning we moved some things in, just a car load for me, I lost count of how many times I walked up and down the stairs both here and there.
this is where we are going to.
Then Saturday afternoon we drove to Queenscliff ad got the ferry to Sorrento, big experience for the Supervisor, he did not like the stairs so we had to take him on the lift!!!
The  we drove to Neerena (2hrs)and found our friends at their holiday place.
They have 5 acres in beautiful dairy country, it reminds me of NZ.
Jenny and I did some geocaching in the evening
first cache at the local cricket ground

second on the side of the road...fantastic cache holder!!

just because!!

the view from the house in the morning

I love these ducks by the pond, which was full of frogs!!

We went for a walk along the Great Southern Rail Trail, we did a return trip of about 6km, punctuated with finding geocaches!!!

The supervisor was ok on the ferry home, just not sure about what was going on!!
I didn't get a lot of sewing done but some bits and pieces
a little applique on a block for the Seachange Quilters raffle quilt for next years show

a little stitchery, sorry this one has gone sideways!!

and the start of a scarf for KOGO.
I am off to return my library books and then off for a sewing day at Bellarine Quilters.
Happy sewing.