Monday, January 16, 2017


sees the start of meetings at the Bellarine Quilters and there was a good turn out today, there was a show and tell
I don't know whoes quilt this is but there is to be a class making the window sections at Bellarine next Saturday

this is a quilt made by Rae, with panels and she tried out different quilting in each looks fantastic.

Di basted this quilt in the morning, it was from a class she did when living in NZ

Sue made these tables covers for her grand kids to take to the fabrics!

I did a few more leaves and now have moved on to a flower, I think I have four flowers and one bird to go!!
Yesterday hubby and I decided to go for a walk in the afternoon, so we drove, in a round about way (yep we did a tiki tour as I got lost!!) to Point Impossible, just past Breamlea.
From there we followed a road
not very interesting, and came out on another road, then we turned left and went to a beach, as we could not find the walking trail we were supposed to be following. It turned out the beach was a nudist beach, so hubby said keep your head down and do not stare!!! Lol!! So I did and we walked to Torquay 
Glimpse of the sea

we walked from WAY past that headland you can see in the distance

we got an ice cream at Torquay at the surf club and then headed back...walking on the sand is not easy, I had some sore muscles when we got back to the car and two blistered toes! The biggest challenge was walking back along the nudist beach for a short way and not looking at two men going for a stroll along the beach in nothing but their hats!! I hope they had sun screen on!!
I am off to do some sewing, or maybe cutting for sewing before getting dinner.
Happy sewing.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Casual Guild Day

I wonder if that is the right was of describing today....we had sit and sew at Guild but it was not a formal meeting. I met Tracee and Donna at the Kaiser craft shop in Geelong, some purchases were made there
an envelope maker, some stamps, journal bits and little wooden bits to decorate and stick about the place! Oh and some washi tape!

Donna was working on her stitchery, she is now officially hip!!! 

Tracee was sorting out her cottons...did she has 2 strands, 4 or 6?? Something had gone wrong in the middle of the threads.

Just to prove I was really there!! lol!!

I have finally finished this stitchery, has been on the go for over two years now, one of those pick up and take when stitching is happening, it has also travelled to the UK, Russia and Germany....obviously not much stitching happened there!!

and I was having a play with the crochet hook last night...not sure if I have understood the pattern correctly as it is a bit wonky!! Ah well it is the prototype!!
Happy stitching.

Friday, January 13, 2017


has been the name of the game today!! The Aussie Hero quilt is finished
I cleaned all the dog hair off it, did the label, folded it up, gathered the things that had to go with it and went to the Post Office, picked up a B 2 box and realised I had left the address at home!! Back home I came, packed and addressed the box and tried again!! Now it is in the post!!
The binding is finished on the I Spy Quilt, 
I finished the hand sewing in bed this morning while listening to the rain, this is going to a lady at the Guild who takes them to the Geelong hospital for the children's ward.
and this afternoon I have been working on the hexie quilt,
I made a hanging sleeve and when it was finished it was too narrow, so I made another one, then realised I was trying to put it on the long side of the quilt and it was too short...was going to be in the wrong place anyway, now the binding is done and the hanging sleeve will be hand sewn on!! Phew!! I think maybe I should have stayed in bed today!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


the car had a service and when that happens I get the courtesy car/bus into Geelong and entertain myself for four or five hours. Today I had a wander along the waterfront
such a beautiful morning!!

great to walk around the outside of the salt water swimming pool

I even made it up and down these steps twice, then had a rest!! Lol!!

Fancy a lemon squash??

a sail?

or even a boat? This one was for sale

just love the bollards here,
I did go to Lincraft as I wanted some fabric to try and make a weighted teddy for Adam
In the specials bin I found some brown Minky Fleece and some yellow Micro Polar Fleece, perfect. I did look at some leather elbow patches (for the paws) but at $15 a pair I decided to look for something else. I also have some calico to make a bag to hold the pellets. Thank you Michelle for your advice with making this.
Hopefully I can start on these tomorrow after the bindings are done.
Happy sewing.

Aiming for some finishes

Yesterday I decided it was time to try and get another couple of finishes on the way instead of starting something new!!  The I Spy quilt has been in the cupboard since last year so I put binding on that
I used up left over bits of binding from other quilts
Then I started on the binding for the hexie quilt
I stopped part way through as I remembered I wanted to put on a hanging sleeve and it is a little easier to machine sew it on one side. So the sewing has stopped for the time being. I did some hand sewing on the I Spy quilt last night as it was cooler and I didn't mind having a quilt over me. 
I visited a local friend yesterday for a catch up and she and her hubby have had a rough Christmas time with health issues...goes to show we never know what is around the corner and should enjoy each and every day with our family and friends.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I have had a wandering kind of day, I went to visit Lynda and return her spare house key from when Jenny and  I watered her plants and decorated her Xmas tree before Xmas, it was lovely to have a chat and catch up...I leant from Lynda that Mary had rolled her ankle and was in plaster so called in there on the way home. Mary is going ok,  well as good as you can with your foot and ankle in plaster, she is hoping to have the plaster removed next week and go into a boot for the rest of the healing. I called in to the newsagent on the way home and had to bring some quilting magazines home with me, as you do!! I made some lunch and finished my book and then...finally got motivated and did some sewing.  Cheryll over at stitchingcubbyhole made some lovely draw string bags last FNWF and she has a pattern on her blog, so I thought I would try one and I am very happy that it looks like it should!!!
It has been a beautiful lazy kind of day here
Best I go and do a little more on the Aussie Hero quilt binding before the call for dinner goes out.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A hot finish

Well today was another hot day, the house warmed up despite the air con being on, I found it hard to settle to anything this morning, I started another star block and for some unknown reason started on row 8 instead of one, I thought I might have been able to work around it but had to do some unsewing instead....

doesn't look the best does it, but I managed to finish it
to discover I hadn't allowed  enough blue for the top corner, and maybe for the bottom blue seam...I have added a little bit to the top, not sure what to do about the bottom seam just yet.
Then I ignored the things I had to do on the table and made something completely different!! 
No 1 son works with children in a school two days a week and we had talked about weighted blankets to help children sit still and listen, so after looking at some tutorials I had a go,

sewing the vertical dividing lines onto the blanket

the plastic pellets go into each section, then they are sewn across

One weighted blanket!! I had to be careful all the pellets were away from the sewing line as if the needle hit one it would break!

I cut it a little short at the top but it is now secured with two rows of zigzag stitching, none of the pellets will becoming out.
We had a cool change come through this afternoon, the breeze from the south was wonderful.
Happy sewing.

PS. The supervisor now has a double who can stand in when he is other wise occupied!!
How cute is he?? Marina brought him back from The Netherlands for me, she found him in the Delft shop. It isn't easy to find ChowChow things, so I appreciate them a lot. Thank you very much Marina, you made my day!!